Mental Health and Depression

Sure this is a running blog. Regular postings to return later this week on running.  I can’t just ignore what is going on in the media.. Rest in peace Robin Williams. Your light that you shined will be missed..

The world lost Robin Williams earlier this week. In my opinion, his humor, wit, compassion and ability to share his struggles was what made him a gift to society. It is heartbreaking to hear that another person was lost to suicide. Everyone has their thoughts about this.. Some are quick to judge how could someone with so much light do such a horrible thing? Depression doesn’t discriminate. You can be young, middle age or senior. You can be married or single. Rich, middle class or poor. Famous or not. It doesn’t matter.

I am not an expert or professional on clinical depression, but I know what it is like to go through it. To not lift your head up to see the light .. To be paralyzed with sadness and hopelessness, that all you want to do is die.  To be lost in loneliness and fear that it hurts to be around people. As time goes on, the numbness takes over. Everything goes black. Your heart feels like it is broken in a million pieces and you can’t figure out what to do..

My culture is not to keen in asking for help from others. We like to keep things within the family vs. talking to a professional.  Yet, I made the decision to seek help from a therapist to talk it out.  For a long time, I thought I was weak for seeking help.  I learned that it takes a lot of guts to seek treatment and that it is ok to ask for help from the outside. Talking to someone who was unbiased made me feel less alone. It also challenged all the negative thoughts I had about myself. It wasn’t a walk in the park.  It was hard but also rewarding. When it got too much, I took meds but my head felt cloudy and stuck with talking it out.. Though it may not be the answer for everyone, getting outside and running helped along with talking when some of the symptoms subsided.

If you have feelings of sadness and depression, know that you matter. Know that there is help even though you do not think there is.  You can call the 24-Hour Crisis Line at The SF Suicide Prevention –  415/781-0500 or 800/273- TALK (8255).

or friends, family or caregivers who know of someone suffering from depression, please do not judge. Doing that will only drive the person away.  Listen to them even though you do not know what to say.  Tell them that you love them and that they mean the world to you.  Do not get offended if the person declines invitations. Keep trying and eventually it will click.  Consistency, patience and support is what matters.

Life is hard. It gets heavy at times. Know that there is always hope and that you are a precious gift ..

In Health,


2 thoughts on “Mental Health and Depression

  1. This is such a personal post and I’m so glad that you shared. I’m also happy that you were able to seek help and find some peace. I may not know what it’s like to go through depression but it’s good to know that there are people out there that can help when you feel alone. Sending you plenty of hugs and high fives girl!

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