being sidelined

I have to admit being sideline is not fun. I’ve gone through all the emotions. Anger.. Sadness.. Guilt.. Depression of not running. As my running friends get ready for The San Francisco Marathon, I feel a bit sad that I won’t be running the race. I am humbled that friends have asked to write my bib number on their bib as they run the race for me.

The SF Marathon was my “A” race of 2014. It was what I was training for since the beginning of the year. Though I haven’t run many half marathons, SF is the one that I love. My hometown, weather, the views and crowds. I know the course like the back of my hand. I know which part of the course to take it easy (downhill on Lincoln), where to let my legs fly in Golden Gate Park and which of the views I can never get tired of (running on the footbed of the Golden Gate Bridge) Last year, I did not hesitate to sign up for the race two weeks after finishing.

It’s hard to be patient and listen to the doctors. Walking for 30 minutes and water aerobics. Not my thing. I do it just to keep somewhat active. I used to think I wasn’t a runner. But the more time I have had to think these past three weeks, I really am a runner. I use running to see and experience the world around me. Funny but true, I am probably only person in my circle that knows where to use the bathrooms around the Embarcadero, Crissy Field, Fort Mason, Presidio and Golden Gate Park. Yep, that’s what I learned in my two years of running. Joking aside, I miss feeling the wind on face as I run the hilly parts of the Presidio. I miss the sounds, sights and not so great smells of Golden Gate Park and Panhandle. I miss my four mile speed workout that I used to do every other Wednesday around Lake Merced.

Regardless, I will be present during the SF Marathon weekend to give back to running all that it has given me. I will be at expo on Friday and Saturday at the information booth. I will be at the finish line and Ambassador tent cheering and celebrating with everyone. I am sure there will be tears, hugs and fist bumps all around.

10 thoughts on “being sidelined

  1. Aw I loved reading this, words of a true runner! I was sidelined last year because I thought I had a stress fracture. I had 7 weeks off from running, and I can completely relate to everything you say. I was so up and down emotionally, all I wanted to do was run. I was told to focus on cross training-swim laps and riding the stationary bike at the gym-and its just not the same. I’m so glad you are still coming to the race, and it is so sweet your friends are going to write your bib # on theirs!

  2. I’m bummed that you won’t be able to run the SF Half. I know that you will get back on it again but even stronger! Take care of yourself first and foremost. I may drop by this weekend and I hope to see you and say hi! πŸ™‚

  3. My favorite line in there? “I really am a runner.” YES, YOU ARE. And you’ll be back at it before you know it. Stay strong & I hope all that good karma comes back at you in spades as soon as you’re officially back on your feet!

    • Thanks Jen! Got the go signal yesterday from the Cardiologist! Told me to take it easy with the running and build up miles. So a little too soon for 13.1 miles on Sunday. xo

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