Travel and Training

Sometimes plans take a little bit of a turn. A busy week of work travel and airport delays. I worried about my weekly mileage and if I will still be on track with my training. Then I figured that I shouldn’t worry about it. I will just run this week by feel and push my ten miler to next Saturday. It’s not ideal but, hey we adjust.

I did manage to get one run in during my trip to Chicago. Up and down Michigan Ave with a small dip into Millennium Park.  Running is the best way to go sightseeing for me while in a new city.  The weather was nice and cool compared to my CA peeps who had 90 degree weather for most of the week.  Below are some pictures I took while running:


This weekends long run was only eight miles . I decided to change it up and go off road . I started at Crissy Field, made my way through Fort Point into the Presidio to proceed up Park Trail and parts of the Bay Ridge trail. It was just what my mind needed after a busy week . I lost myself in the trees and fresh air. All the beauty around made me focus on the present . I Walked up the steeper parts of the hills and ran most of the flats and rolling hills.  It wasn’t ten miles but I believe I pushed myself hard to get the long run.  I even stopped and took a picture:

Image After yesterday’s long hilly run, I did a short 3 mile recovery run to end the week.  My legs felt heavy but I pushed through.  My breathing sucked but you can’t always have that epic run.

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