Three Years of Fitness & SF Marathon Training

The month of April flew by and no matter how hard I tried to sit down and write, I got pulled into something else.

Three Years of Fitness

April 19th is always a special day.   It’s not only my mom’s birthday but three years ago, was my first training session at Crossroads Fitness.  I remember trainer asked me what was my long term goal.  I meekly replied that I wanted to run again. Trainer sessions taught me about pushing my limits and proving myself wrong.  It is like Biggest Loser without the shouting or drama packed in 30 minutes. =) There have been many laughs along with some bad days. Even through my antics, I can always count on trainer to come up with some crazy exercise to keep me on my toes. Hello, same arm and leg kettle bell exercise.  I keep coming back to challenge myself and the occasional ass-kicking.  It is the best way I know how to take care of myself and complement my running regimen.  I am forever thankful to trainer for being with me throughout my journey.

Half Marathon Training Update

As of today, there are 80 days until The SF Marathon. Training has been going well. I have been using the training schedule from SFRRC.  Lately, I have been adding a lot of hill work on my short runs. Even though the second half of the SF Marathon is less hilly than the first half, there are a lot of rolling hills. I want to make sure my legs can handle that.  I am finding that the hill work also can be disguised as speed too.

Long runs have been progressing with 8 – 10 miles on Saturdays. Along with a short 2-3 mile recovery run on Sundays. Still trying to figure out the nutrition and hydration thing. There are some long runs I battle with stomach issues and other times I am just fine.  I think it all has to do with if I eat and hydrate enough during the week.  So I have been a bit type A about my eating.

Below are some pictures during my time on the road:

Bison photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Happy Running,

6 thoughts on “Three Years of Fitness & SF Marathon Training

  1. Congrats on continuing on your fitness journey! I’ve been on my own too and it’s a struggle sometimes.
    Great job on your half training too! You and all my running peeps are def an inspiration and are a reminder that I need to get back on it soon! Happy running! 🙂

      • zoinks – i just saw your reply after a month. This summer I’m doing the 5k at See Jane Run in Alameda (just a couple of weeks away), hoping to do a DSE 10k race in July, and finally the half at the Santa Rosa marathon in August. I look forward to cheering on TSFM runners during the home stretch thru Potrero hill. Hope your training is going well! 🙂

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