Paying Attention to Your Body

I wish I had some great news to tell. How I am excited to run my third half marathon in three weeks. Unfortunately, I have to pull out of the Modesto Half Marathon on March 23rd.

I was experiencing hip and lower back pain in early February. Being stubborn, I ignored and just kept stretching it out. As I kept ramping up the miles, I still felt pain and soreness. It was difficult to sleep because I felt pinching and a little numbness in my lower back and hips.  Last week, I had to cut my track workout because it was too painful to run the 4th lap of the 4×400 exercise. I felt defeated and frustrated.

After a visit to the chiropractor and physician, it was confirmed that I have strained my piriformis. The remedy is to stretch, strengthen the muscle , foam roll and cut back on mileage.  My primary care physician advised that it would be best not to run Modesto because he doesn’t want me to turn this strain into a major injury.  It was a difficult decision to make.Yet, I think it was for the best.  Though I am a newbie runner, I believe it is important to pay attention to how your body is feeling. Is it the good sore that goes away after a couple of days?Or the bad sore that keeps on nagging after every run? Learning to recognize these signs can be valuable.  As someone posted on my FB wall this afternoon, ” Health is wealth.” There will be more races down the line, but I only have one body. In this case, it is better to rest and heal.

As for my plan B, I am going to lower my mileage, stretch and breathe.  I have more time to prepare for the 2nd half of The San Francisco Marathon in July. I hope to come back stronger than ever for that.

Happy Running,

Runner Trish

2 thoughts on “Paying Attention to Your Body

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your setback. It can be so tough to get news like that when you’re gearing up for a race (I had to do the same thing before a marathon a few years back and was devastated). But you’re smart to be conservative. There WILL be other races, and you WILL come back as a stronger, better runner for it. Wishing you speedy healing!!

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