Runner Trish is also Pace Group Leader Trish

So did you guys know that I am a pacer for SF Road Runners? That’s right, I am the one that sends out the weekly routes and leads the Saturday long runs through the streets of SF to make sure the group doesn’t get lost (though I always get lost in The Presidio) In addition, I  act as a resource for the club. It’s somewhat like an ambassador role. I’ve volunteered after the original person had to resign last year. I think being a pacer allows you to pay it forward. You pass down knowledge and also learn from others too!  It also keeps me motivated to stay on top of my mileage every week.

I pace the 11:30 – 12:30 per mile group.  On most Saturdays, you can find me holding up the sign and greeting people.  are a small but mighty compared to the faster pace groups.   During the long runs, I make sure we stay somewhat together and not go crazy on the streets. I also try to look out for the safety of the group.  I have one or two regular people that show up that have become my running buddies. We catch up, sometimes vent or complain and have fun over miles.  I usually push the group when going up hills and feel proud when someone conquers it.  When I am training for a race, sometimes the group will join me but mostly they cap off at six miles which is cool. I’d rather have company at some parts than none at all.  It’s always an adventure on Saturday and I totally look forward to it..

Do you run in a group? Have you considered becoming a pacer?

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