Bouncing Back from Injury

I unfortunately went on hiatus from running after completing the first half of the SF Marathon back in June.  I knew a week post-half marathon, that something was wrong with my leg. Yet, being the stubborn person that I am, I kept running through the pain until I couldn’t take it anymore. I made an appointment with a Chiropractor that specialized in ART and she diagnosed it as IT Band and a strained Anterior Tibialis.   The only way to get better was to foam roll, stretch and rest.

As someone, who has come to use running as more than exercise, I was sad. What was I going to do? It was important for me to find alternative ways to keep up with my fitness. I refocused my exercise routine on upper body and core exercises with the trainer, started swimming at a local pool and walked instead of ran on my routes.  The walks gave me time to enjoy being outside but I really got to see the sights I would normally just glance at while running.  I was skeptical if upper body and core work would be enough to give me a decent workout with the trainer but she worked me out harder than usual. The time off from running gave me time to think how I have grown to enjoy running . I also got to reflect on my race goals, volunteered at my club’s annual 5K race and embraced the period of rest.

After six weeks, I was cleared to run again. I was beyond excited and a bit nervous to test out the leg.  I am slowly working my way back up to the mileage, pace and shape I was in pre-half marathon.  It’s good to be back to running!