Training update and random stuff.

This post has been long overdue.  The past two months have been busy with a new job and what else training for the first half of the SF Marathon. As of today, there are only forty nine days until the big day ! I am excited, anxious and scared for race day.Earlier this month, I was starting to have doubts about my training and if I could really do it but my trainer was able to have me reflect on my journey and what it used to feel like when I couldn’t run. So, I see race day as a celebration of all the hard work that stated over two years ago when I decided to get healthier. Most importantly, the race is a tribute to all those who have encouraged, inspired and helped me along my journey.  The past two weekends I conquered my fear of double digit miles.  Last week was a ten mile run through Golden Gate Park, the Pan Handle through Alamo Square and back.  Yesterday was a twelve mile run from Lands End through the Richmond District and Presidio and back. I am thankful to be able to run with pace group from SFRRC on Saturdays who keep me company and motivate me to be a better runner.  I may not talk a lot during the runs but the group inspires me to push myself even when I don’t think I can do it.

I can’t have a post and not mention the bombings at the Boston Marathon.  My heart feels sad for the lives lost and all that have been injured.  It was such a senseless attack.  I was asked me if I will stop running because of Boston. My response, I won’t. It will just make me run stronger.