Training Report -2/18/13 through 2/24/13

This past week has been a busy week of running, crossfit, job interviews and birthday celebrations. 

Monday, 2/18-   Working off the momentum of the Bay Breeze 10K, I started last Monday off with a run at Sawyer Camp Trail. The picture I took, doesn’t do this place justice. Despite the crowds, the trail is has lots of shade and scenery. Sometimes the deer  will come greet you on the trail. It’s my happy place I go to when I need to get away and zone out for just an hour.


My Happy Running Place


While running and reflecting on the year , I wasn’t really paying attention to my pace. At the end, I realized for the first time since I began running last year, I ran four miles under my average pace of 12:15-12:25 on this course. This is huge for me as, I think all the running is making me faster.


Am I getting faster?

Tuesday, 2/19– Rest day and birthday!

Wednesday, 2/20 – Had every intention of going out to run but got busy with taking a phone interview and preparing for a job interview the next day. Settled for running at the gym on the treadmill for 25 minutes at an average speed of 5.4 with an incline of 1.5- 2.0 plus core and abs.

Thursday, 2/21- Weekly Crossfit workout with trainer. Workout consisted of three sets of twelve reps of the following:  Walking lunge w/ 20lb dumbells, bicep curls, TRX standing row, TRX push ups, box jumps, side lunge w bicep press.

Friday, 2/22– Rest day!

Saturday, 2/23– Long run w SFRRC. 6.28 miles through the Presidio and Marina .

Sunday, 2/24– 4.32 miles through Golden Gate Park. Legs felt tired but pushed through.. Average pace about 12:16..

How was your week of training?

Do you have a favorite spot to run?

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