Bay Breeze 10K Recap

Friday Race Prep
I have to admit I woke up on Friday feeling really achy from the Crossfit workout on Thursday. I kept on thinking how was I going to race? I was able to drive down to Sunnyvale to pick up my bib and race packed at Sports Basement. It wasn’t a busy, so it was a quick trip. I did pick up a few race day items at Sports Basement like energy chews. In the evening, I ate my usual pasta dinner that I eat before my Saturday group runs. I laid out all my gear on my bed and started to mentally prepare for the race. . I am a planner at heart and this early prep helps me calm my nerves before the race. I went to bed at a decent time but kept on waking up every couple of hours. I was excited and nervous..

Race Morning

The alarm went off  at 5 am. I ate my usual oatmeal, plain greek yogurt and coffee.. Got ready, packed the car and off to drive to Fremont.. As I was driving, I remembered that I forgot to bring water to fill my bottles. Epic fail! I was glad to have left home early that gave me time to stop by a 7 Eleven to buy a bottle. Got to the race site and found great parking. I put on my compression socks, pinned my bib and laced my shoes.  One last trip to the portapotty, found my cousin and her boyfriend. They walked me to the start line w good luck high fives and fist bumps. There was no turning back now. I was actually going to do this.

10K Race
The gun went off and here I was actually running in the crowd. I started off easy and not go to fast. I was just concentrating on my breathing and trying to enjoy the moment. I was feeling good and actually keeping a good pace. Second and third mile I was hitting my stride and was able to get some speed in. Fourth mile I started feeling a little tired, so I figured it was time to eat some Honey Stinger Energy Chews, since all I had at that point was alternating H20 and Nunn energy drink.  This was also the first mile I took a walk break.  After a minute walk, I was able to pick up my pace again and power through mile five. The course had some small rolling hills and I was able to run through all of them with ease. When I got to mile five, I knew that I was in the home stretch and ran it. It went by pretty quick and took my second minute walk break at the beginning of mile six.  I was powering through most of the last mile and I crossed the finish line. I finished my first race in six years with a time of 1:15:23. I felt good and just couldn’t believe that I completed 6.2 miles! I actually did it! I felt pure joy! Brazen Racing had all kinds of food, booths and vendors post race. It made it so enjoyable!

Post Race Thoughts
I didn’t have any time goals for this race. The only goal was to finish healthy and strong. Running the 10K was just the reminder I needed that my training is working . It also reminded me  why I love to run: he feeling of accomplishment, pride in hard work of training and camaraderie of the running community.    This may sound sappy but all great things come out of the willingness to try. Image

2 thoughts on “Bay Breeze 10K Recap

    • Thanks Kelsey!!! I read your post on the SF Marathon Blog last week on running your own race ! =) You are an inspiration for people like me! Keep doing what you do!

      The Nunn tasted way better than the Cytomax the race was giving out. Overall great race and time. Hope you are well!

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