Life and Training Update

Life has been busy. There were a lot of work changes that resulted in lay-offs and organizational changes and I was let go. I kind of expected it and am relieved. I loved my job at  start-up biotech but it was really stressful..Not too soon after the lay offs,  I picked up some contract work and am thankful to be employed until I decide my next move. I am welcoming some of the free time but I feel antsy.   Running and working out has been my sanity saver these past couple of weeks.  Nothing like going out on the road or trail to pound the pavement. It may sound weird but once I get past the initial pain of the first two miles, I hit my groove and everything that worries me disappears.  
For the past month, I have been spending my Saturdays with the San Francisco Road Runners.   At first I was a little scared to run with a group but I can feel my running has improved. I feel myself getting stronger running through the hills which always scare me.  Within the short time, I have been able to run five miles consistently through the Marina and Presidio. As much as I enjoy my alone time running, there is something about just running in a group that makes me feel supported even though there is minimal conversation if that makes sense.  
This weekend I am signed up to run the Bay Breeze 10K race. This is my first race since 2007 and I am nervous.   My main goal is to finish. I have trained to the very best of my ability and know that I can do this race! I can’t wait  for the weekend =)

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