Group Runs

I am way late in posting. 2013 has certainly been off to a busy start and I like it. I started training for the first half of the SF Marathon a couple of weeks ago. Due to my work schedule, I had to switch run clubs.

Running up until now has always been a solo thing for me. It was my chance to be free and think things through. Deep inside as I ran by myself on Saturdays, I was jealous of all those people I saw in Golden Gate Park running in groups and laughing. It looked like fun but I feared that I would be too slow and not be able to keep up.  It was the opposite. I can keep up with the people during the group runs. The group is composed of all types of different people who all share the love of running and being active.  I am also learning a lot about pacing, nutrition, gear and stretching. I am discovering that most of my questions are more often the same questions my fellow groupies have about running.  It makes me feel less overwhelmed about conquering the half marathon. Though I am a new person to the group, I look forward to my Saturdays. It’s been great so far.

2 thoughts on “Group Runs

  1. Love this – and I used to be so scared to run with groups too (I even wrote a post on it for the SF Marathon blog last week!) It’s so awesome once you get out of the shell though. Keep up the great work!

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